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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Zoe wants to be a vet

Zoe enjoyed her last work experience.

"For our second work experience placement I went to Anglesey Lodge Equine Hospital in the Curragh :) I wanted to go there because I love working with horses and I am interested in becoming a vet also.
My friend Laura also went to the same placement as me in the same week :) I was really nervous on the first day as I honestly didn't know what to expect but
I was excited too :) Laura and myself traveled to the Curragh by car-sharing everyday my dad would collect her on the way every morning and Laura's mam would pick us up and bring us home.

We had to be there at 8am every morning and went home at around 5pm although most days we didn't go home until about half 5 as we might have been helping with a procedure or something.

When we came in each morning we had to leave our bags in the lunch room then head off and start to replace the bins in surgery and the scanning room.
Then we had to groom the horses in the stables. Throughout the rest of the placement we helped the vets out with surgeries and in distributing medicine to the horses. Overall I really enjoyed my work experience week. I could see what it was like to be a vet and I could really see myself doing it :)

My favourite part of the week was when there was a little baby foal who was just born and it was too weak to look after itself and couldn't stand for long or anything, we were sitting by his head as he was lying on the floor and he began nuzzling at our fingers and then tried to suckle on them, it was soooooo cuuute!!!! We could see his little tongue and could feel him sucking it was the cutest thing :) This obviously meant he was hungry so then we had to hold the mare while the vets lifted him up to suckle :) This was the highlight of my week and I reeealllllly enjoyed it :) "

Great report Zoe, well done.

Read more of Zoe's blog here. Visit Anglesey Lodge Equine Hospital website.

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  1. your work experience sounds amazing , i am in the middle of looking for some places for my Ty work experience in st Wolstans related to equine science and veterinary and your blog has given me a good insight and a good idea of were i could pick a placement. thank you :)