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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ideas to blog about

I came across this Photo Prompts site today on Tumblr by John T Spencer and thought it would act as a good prompt for TY's who have writers block!

Lets see what they can do with this photo?

Over to you TY's!

Photo Credit:  Anthony Quintano

Leave your suggestions for the first line of the story as a comment below, or leave a link to your story.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Poems for St Brigid

This month TY have been collaborating on celebrating St Brigid. We hope to collaborate further with the Brigidine College, St Ives, Sydney, Australia and learn about the influence of St Brigid outside Ireland. Watch this space......or rather this space http://swtystbridget.blogspot.com/ because we set up a blog to gather all our information together.
We hope the students from St Ives will add pages to the blog as they research the Brigidine Order in Australia.

Meg, Aoibheann and Kate wrote and recorded these poems. Click here for more...