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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Talk From The Irish Heart Foundation

Last Week, all the TY's came together in the Demo room to get an information and an awareness talk from a representative from The Irish Heart Foundation. It was a very educational forty minutes, during which we were informed about the work of the organisation and told good tips to keep our hearts healthy. We also found out about different heart problems and ways to help them. It was very interesting to learn all this especially after we all got to take part in the CPR programme, which was also liked to The Irish Heart Foundation.

It was very interesting and shocking to find out that approximately 10,000 people die from coronary heart diseases and stroke each year and that 36% of all deaths in Ireland are related to circulatory diseases.

Ellie :) x

Sunday, March 21, 2010

'Get Up And Go Competition'

On the 15th of March, Transition Years went off to a mini company 'Get Up and Go Competition'. It was a great day with rewards for everyone. Each group was interviewed for different category's; Finance, Marketing, Presentation and the different aspects of the Business Report. Of each group two people were at the stall at any time. We were all given free lunch by the sponsors ESB.
Science Attack received a prize for Most Innovative and Key -Z P -Z received a prize for Marketing and Presentation.
KEY-Z-P-Z also got through to the national finals!
We all had a fantastic time so a big Thank You to Mrs. McMahon and Mrs. Plunkett for accompanying us on the trip. :)

Christine D

Friday, March 12, 2010

Team Bladhm successful in F1 competition

Team Bladhm successfully went through to the National F1 for Schools competition today.

Team Swift put up a great show as well but unfortunately didn't make it. Well done to both teams.

Team Bladhm will be gearing up for the National final on 29th April at Griffith College Dublin.

Big shout out to Mr Guinan for all his help. First year in this competition and through to finals, wohoo!

Check out the competition at http://www.f1inschools.ie/public/index.html

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hannah's work experience

For my work experience I went to Walsh's Pharmacy in Celbridge. My initial expectations of the week weren't very high as it is your typical chemist, but after five days of working there I take it all back. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

I learned about medicine, medical schemes, what tablets do what and how to give prescriptions. I was completely thrown into the full swing of the business. Distributing prescriptions, taking stock, invoices and organising window displays. What made it even better was that the staff I worked with were extremely welcoming and hospitable to my presence, which is always a huge benefit when you're new to a work place. They were a tightly knit team and the business runs very well, I was very privileged to be part of this team.

As always work experience is a great opportunity to come out of your comfort zone and expand your horizons!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nearing The End Of The Book Project

Since the end of last October, some TY students have been involved with the book project to produce the book "The Optimism Of Youth". This book aims to promote the second millennium development goal- Worldwide Primary Education For all.
The people who got involved have been working constantly with Mrs Leahy, Mrs Kavanagh-Bracken and a small number of fifth year students to gather contributions for the book from people of all walks of life.
Today we had one of our final meetings as the book is being wrapped up this week and sent to the editor and graphic designer for their work to start on publishing it. It has been an exciting project to work on and something I think everyone will be proud they got involved with.
We will keep you posted on the very final stages and of course the final product. Check out also the book's blog (Towards 2015 blog) for more updates, information and a taste of what is to come.

Ellie :)

Leaders on Our Level

On the 9th of March our Transition Year students were invited to 'Leaders on our Level' which is run by TY students in Terenure College. It is a talk given by well known entrepreneurs and people who have overcome great challenges in their lives.

Overall, there were 7 speakers. They were from businesses such as Microsoft, R’evolutionary and Telecom. There was a lady there who got the taste for business in Transition Year and has become very successful. Mark Pollock was there also and gave a very inspirational talk. He lost his sight 12 years ago, and has since taken part in the Gobi March, and has taken on a 43 day trek in Antarctica to the South Pole.

Father Peter Mc Verry talked to us also and told us about the people he works with and their lives. The final speakers were from Northern Ireland and told us about their lives as part of the PSNI police force and the UVF.

Some people who asked questions were given prizes, such as phones and concert tickets. At the breaks there were drinks provided and chocolate. It was a great day out, and the Terenure students did a great job organising it all.


Ellie says " The Leaders On our level day out was so good! Incredibly inspirational and my favourite speaker of all was Mark Pollock - his story was amazing and so inspiring."

Hannah emailed me and I think that she has a very interesting point here...."We had many famous entrepreneurs with us, for example, Denis o'brien founder of o2, a blind polar and desert marathon runner and M.D of Microsoft Ireland and Northern Ireland. They each gave there views on how to achieve success and how the get the most out of your opportunities. Each speaker had different ways of developing aspects of leadership, but they mentioned about standing out of the crowd and letting your idea be recognised. It was a truly eye opening of a day."

Thanks Ali, Hannah and Ellie, sounds like a very interesting day.....and a great opportunity to interact with some of Irelands leadership gurus! Thanks to Mr Corcoran who manages to get us tickets and organise the trip every year.

See what Terenure College have to say here

here's Mark Pollock's website http://www.markpollock.com/
Mrs L

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Savvy Savers are Regional Winners!!!

Wednesday 3rd March was the the regional fianl for the AIB Build A Bank Challenge, and of course the day we had been preparing for for so long.
The compition took place in the Kilashee House hotel. When we arrived there were other schools waiting in the lobby area, and everyone was putting their final touches to their display for the judges.

The nerves of all six of us began to set in as we waited around to be given the go ahead to start setting up. We were given some light breakfast and then sent in to set up our display and prepare for our ten minutes with the judges.

There were 14 school in the competition in total, and we were at stand number 13. The judges came around to look at the display first of all, and then to talk with each team for 10 minutes. We did really well we thought, we were all able to communcate well as a team, and the judges were impressed with our display and our ability to communicate. A big talking point was having John Murray From the Business on RTE at our launch and of course the fact that we were on the radio show on Saturday Morning.

When it came to the presentation of the awards and winning school bank team we were all very nervous. We were unsure as to how well we had done and aware that the competition from other schools was very high. The three other catagory prizes were called first and then the big one. When we heard that our schoolname St Wolstan's Celbridge was called out as the National Qualifiers and the overall Best School Bank we were so happy, the girls and I could'nt believe it. Next stop for us is the Natrionals In Croke Park this May. Lots more hard work to be done before then.

We would all like to say a special thanks to Ms Mc Mahon for all her help, support and patience, Mrs Leahy for everything, you have been great, and Michelle our AIB Bank Rep for all her guidance.
From me, I would like to thank all the girls on the team, you are all so great and a pleasure to work with, well done

Check out our blog or Facbook for all the updates from Savvy Savers and we will keep you posted! :) xox

Bank Manager.

***Congratulations to Savvy Savers, all your hard work paid off.****
Mrs L

Drama competition

Class Desta were recently involved in the Transition Year Drama Competition, and the class was thrilled to get into the semi-finals, with our dramas, "Seventeen" and "Us and Them". The following Thursday, we were back in the Mullingar performing the plays again.
We wern't as nervous that time and got the chance to enjoy ourselves on-stage.

We were told to sit tight, and wait for the results, which were sadly, not good. We didn't make it to the finals in Cork, but the whole experience was well worth all the hours rehearsing and leanring our lines. The whole class thoroughly enjoyed the whole competition.
A big thank you to Ms. Guilfoyle for co-ordinating it all, and for putting up with us messing up our lines!

- Alex, Desta

Well done anyway to class Desta. I'm sure you were just piped at the post for a place in the finals:)
Mrs L

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Meg's Work Experience :) Day 2

2 days down 2 days to go :) So far its great! I'm doing my second work experience in Urban Outfitters, a clothing store in Temple Bar!
Yesterday morning was my first morning and I felt so grown up taking the bus into town and walking through town to work!!
Had to get up early though :( I got in at 9am and I was introduced to my supervisor, Anne, and the other girls there that are doing work experience. The first thing we had to do was go to the staff briefing, then we helped out most of the day in the changing rooms and with backstock.
But today was really good and really busy! At the staff briefing in the morning I was split up from the other girls and I was put in Home Wear. The girl who was in charge there is so nice! I helped her put tags on things and then she asked me to go down to the stock room and put all the back stock of the home wear on shelves! Believe it or not that was great fun! Then I went upstairs back to Home Wear and got to make up a whole display myself with mugs! They are all novelty mugs so I made it really cool! It looks great!
I got an hour for lunch and I met Ellie for a sandwich, best EVER :o

After lunch I was put in charge of one of the floors for a bit then I helped Jamie in the dressing rooms getting all the clothes out!
So, I'm enjoying my work experience and I'm having a great time, the people are so nice and the job is great!
Wish us luck, we'll keep you posted.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Ellie's work experience Day 1

Ellie sent me an email about Day 1 of her work experience, sounds like she's having a great time.
She says,

"Having such fun! :)

Working in Louise Kennedy and loving it already. My first day was so great, giving me a great insight into the fashion industry even at this early stage. Working on 'Look books' for stores and new lines of clothing and having a really good time.

Looking forward to what the rest of the week will bring.

Ellie xox"

See http://www.louisekennedy.com/home.html for more information about Louise Kennedy but don't forget to come back to our blog.

Work Experience No 2

TY are on their second work experience this week. I have just been given the list of placements and see that we have TY's travelling away to work with the fashion designers Louise Kennedy and John Rocha, solicitor Gerald Keane, the Research Centre and Physics Dept TCD, the Defence Forces at the Curragh, Arnotts Dept store, Brown Bag Films, the GAA Museum at Croke Park, Chapter One restaurant, DIT, FAI National Sports Campus, Temple Street Children's Hospital and Mount Carmel Hospital. These TY's will have an early start each morning!

More locally we have TY's working in NUI Maynooth, Chemists, Beauticians and Hairdressers, Primary Schools and Creches, Restaurants, Veterinary clinics, and retail.

Good luck to you all.
Mrs L