Welcome to our blog about the Transition Year in St Wolstans Community School, Celbridge, Co Kildare. Here you will read all about what happens in Transition Year. You will get a good idea of how busy our year is!
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All contributions come from the students themselves and the TY Coordinator.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ellie's in the Law Library

I am working in the Law Library Of Ireland in Dublin with a Barrister.

In the weeks leading up to work experience, we were doing lots of things to prepare ourselves to go out and work. I was in contact with the barrister’s secretary to find out things I needed to know such as starting times and dress code etc.
When everything was prepared and it was finally Monday morning I must admit I was slightly nervous, more nervous than I thought I would be. I got the bus into Church Street, where the law library buildings are. I was lucky to have Eileen, who was doing her work experience in The Bridewell Garda station, with me.

I went in to meet the secretary and was pleasantly surprised to be met by Sarah, a barrister who is currently devilling. After settling in I found myself get much more comfortable quite quickly and by this stage I was excited to get started.

My first day was amazing. I enjoyed it so much. I got to get a tour around the four courts and have access to special areas where only barristers are allowed. I got to watch many barristers prepare for their cases as well as sit in the court room, and watch various cases and trials in both Civil and Criminal law. Throughout my day, I was introduced to many very prestigious barristers, solicitors and judges. Since my first day things have only been getting better, the days are always busy and really exciting. I have done so many interesting things already and I am only half way through my week!

Overall so far my experience of work experience is nothing but positive, I have enjoyed it so much and learned so much about the career and the law. I have definitely got a real interest in this area of work, which has only grown stronger since coming here, and it would definitely be something I would consider to do after school.

I thought I wouldn’t say this, but I really don’t want it to end.... school is going to be such an anti climax compared to this haha. . . I want to stay!

Ellie :) xo xo

Hannah's work experience

I got this email from Hannah last night.....

"Miss, I'll do up something for the blog but can I leave it until the weekend because I'm not really home until about half seven eight every evening but I'll definitely write something. Aw it’s going brilliant, much more different than I expected but in a good way. Everyone's very friendly and welcoming and don't worry I'm kept very busy!"


Not home until seven thirty or eight in the evening?? Hannah must be busy!

Mrs L

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ellie's work experience

I just got this email from Ellie......

"Work experience is going brilliant. I am absolutly loving it. . . dont want it to end now! I will write something for the blog this evening when I get home."

Looking forward to hearing all about it Ellie.

Mrs L

Monday, November 9, 2009

First week of work experience

All TY's are on their first week of work experience starting today. I hope they all do well.

TY's have had to find their own placements and only one or two needed help finding work. They all had a work experience workshop with Mr Corcoran and Ms Hughes last Friday so they are well prepared.

During the week teachers will help Mr Corcoran, Ms Hughes, and myself visit the students to see how they are getting on and to thank their employers. Any employer/student who we are not able to visit will receive a phonecall.

So, good luck to TY. I hope to get some reports from you soon:)

Mrs L

Friday, November 6, 2009

Class Selam Helping Poverty

Transition Year is a year where while you still have classes, you get a chance to get much more involved in projects and practical work. My class, Class Selam, are doing a number of projects in our religion class with the help of our teacher Ms. Kavanagh Bracken to contribute to helping poverty.

While we are planning lots of things for the near future, last week we got involved with www.freerice.com This is a website we all logged onto which donates grains of rice to hungry people based on the number of people who log on to take part in answering simple questions. During class, 30 St Wolstans students from class Selam took part.

Today, my class also completed 'Operation Christmas Child'. We divided into groups, gathered gifts and filled a shoebox, per table, full of Christmas gifts to send to those less fortunate this Christmas.

These are just two examples of the many things our class hope to do over the course of the year to help poverty world wide.

We will keep you posted on our work!
Ellie :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Carlingford bonding trip

On Wednesday the 16th September, TY set off for Carlingford Adventure Centre, Co. Louth. The purpose of this trip was to bond with other people in our year and to learn to work as a team.

We set off at 7am (although some people were half an hour late!) and to arrive at 9am. We all had a big singsong on the bus on the way there because we were all buzzing with excitement.

We arrived at the centre and were arranged into our bedrooms, most people were happy and got rooms with their friends.

We were then put into two groups and went out to our first activity, either a land or a water activity. After our first activity, we came back, had lunch, and got to know the instructors a bit more.

Many activities later, and after a sleepless night for many, (thanks for that Louise!) we began our long journey home. Due to our sugar over load and lack of sleep, the bus ride home dragged on for what seemed like eternity, many people fell asleep in the strangest positions, and that was when the cameras came out!

Even though we photographed our friends when they were at their worst, I assure you it was out of love! We learned that Kelli is the least threatening person ever, that Grainne and Sarah like to dance, that Sinead has a major ability to lose her camera, that Caroline is comfortable in wet shoes and that Louise is somewhat nocturnal!

But the most important thing that I learned in Carlingford is not that we are all different, but that deep down, we’re all the same. We are just a group of teenage girls that want to have fun! (And, take pictures of Sebastian!)

Social Development Day

In September we were visited by Austin Dunne of Stay Focussed Training, Celbridge, for a social development day, to help each of the TY classes, Selam and Desta my own class, bond better.

At the beginning some people felt awkward because we were asked about one embarrassing thing that happened to us, but in the long run it benefited the day because people became more open.

We introduced each other to find out more about our other classmates and then we played games, and got in to different groups to get to know everybody in the class, especially those that we didn’t usually talk to.

We made posters in our groups to learn to work together to produce something, and we had two separate debates that taught us to listen to each other and respect other peoples points of view.

We did simple personality tests to find out more about ourselves and in the process we also found out more about each other.

There were four different types of people that we could be, Yellow were crazy and fun loving, Green were calm and caring, Red were loud, forceful and very opinionated, and Blue were observing, punctual, and matter of fact. (I’m a boring blue I’m afraid!)

We also learned if we were introverted or extroverted, which helped us to learn to calm down or speak up.

Austin taught us how to use body language and tone in our favour to get across the message that we want to portray.

Austin also did a test with ‘Tayto’ and ‘King’ crisps to see if anybody could tell the difference. Not many people could which showed that advertising swayed our opinions. It was handy because many people’s bellies were rumbling at that stage!

Austin came back to visit us a few weeks later to award us our certificates which we will receive properly at the end of the year on TY night. It’s gonna be awesome WOOO! =D


Colour me Beautiful

Last week, TY’s heard a strange request on the morning announcements....we all had to bring in lipstick for the following Friday! As this strange request was read out to us, we were all very interested and excited to see what the following Friday held for us.

Friday came and that afternoon we were joined by an image consultant. With the majority of us being a big group of girly girls her name aroused our curiosity. We waited with anticipation for her to start. The two hours flew by. She gave us tips on colours that suit our skin tones and clothing shapes that would suit us as well. The odd lipstick request was clarified for us when she looked at each one of our lipsticks and advised us whether they were a good colour for our skin or not.

Overall the day was very enjoyable and really gave us an insight into dressing and looking well.

Hannah W.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Back to schooool!

It's going well so far, so hopefully it gets better, sure it's only the second day!

Midterm was great but the Friday when we got our midterm was brrrrilliant! Dress up :) First years were cats and ghosts, 2nd years were spiders and bats, 3rd years were scooby doo, TY's Zombies (=]), 5th years The Adams Family and 6th years Hogwarts!
I love the dress up days, they're always great fun and I always try to put as much effort in as possible, so this year I spent over time working on my costume....and it paid off :)...

We had pilates first thing that morning but that didnt stop me, I came into school in full costume, face paint and all! You should have seen the rest of the girls after they dressed up, they looked amazing :D (woo go Selam ;]).

I got chosen from my class to go in the parade and while I was happy I didn't think my costume was that impressive and I kept hearing how great Pamela (the chosen one from Desta) looked. So we were called down to the hall to get ready for the parade at lunch time, Oh My God :O all the costumes were so cool! Everybody put so much work into it and Pamela looked so good. TY's definitely looked the best but 6th Years weren't too far off either! We walked up to the judges channelling our inner zombies with cheers from our fellow TYs. We were planning to pull off a very cool rendition of Thriller (sticking with the whole zombie theme) but decided not too :L. All the finalists got a yummy Cadburys bar of chocolate! When they called out both our names as winners we were like "wooooooo!" hehe. So we got a HUGE big bar of chocolate and of corse mine was gone in less than a minute (With a little help from my friends or course!). All in all it was an Awesome day! :D So I think all TYs should take up careers in zombie costume making :D

Work experience is next week, slightly nervous but it should be good :)

Still sticking with my conclusion that TY is awesome!
~Meg XO XO


This year our TY classes Selam and Desta are having the great opportunity to take part in Pilates classes. Both classes had there first class the week before the mid-term break and it was enjoyed all around.

We met are new teacher Angela, and began with simple stretches. We learned about posture and breathing and found out how pilates can benefit us. Everyone really enjoyed the class, and once we got used to it, had great fun! Luckily over the next two weeks we will have more classes and have the chance to get even better and have more fun together.

Both our TY groups are looking forward to our next class!:)