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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Colour me Beautiful

Last week, TY’s heard a strange request on the morning announcements....we all had to bring in lipstick for the following Friday! As this strange request was read out to us, we were all very interested and excited to see what the following Friday held for us.

Friday came and that afternoon we were joined by an image consultant. With the majority of us being a big group of girly girls her name aroused our curiosity. We waited with anticipation for her to start. The two hours flew by. She gave us tips on colours that suit our skin tones and clothing shapes that would suit us as well. The odd lipstick request was clarified for us when she looked at each one of our lipsticks and advised us whether they were a good colour for our skin or not.

Overall the day was very enjoyable and really gave us an insight into dressing and looking well.

Hannah W.


  1. Thanks for the report Hannah, I look forward to seeing all the TY's neat and tidy all the time from now on:)
    Mrs L

  2. we do try to be neat and tidy.. we just tend to fail quite frequently XD