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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First month of TY finished!

Grace posted this on her TY blog and I've copied it here. She seems to be enjoying her TY experience.
Mrs L

First month of TY nearly finished; & so far it has been really fun, I’ve laughed so much throughout it, :)

On Monday the 20th of September we all went to Naas to the Moat theatre and discussed setting up our businesses in Mini Company, my group has a few good ideas for it but nothing is set yet.

In Science we are still questioning our one-page proposal for the Young Scientist competition. It’s hard work.

All last week was Friendship week and in Religion we had to make an outline of our hand and pass it around the room so everyone could write a positive comment on you, I got back a lot of nice things, thankfully, haha. Also on Friday we had our annual Fun Run. Transition Year’s colour was yellow and we were all wearing yellow t-shirts. We made up a dance, and we won!
Even though it’s Transition Year, it’s still very tiring.
Grace D

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mini company workshop

Ruth posted this on her TY blog.

Last Monday the whole year went to a mini company workshop in the Moat Theatre Naas. There were five other schools there. The point of this workshop was to learn about brain-storming, and creating a company. The lady also taught us about the different jobs that a business must have, and the roles of those jobs. She told us about planning the business and she told us information that would be useful later in the competition.

We got a small break at 10:45 for fifteen minutes. After the break we watched some videos about how to brain-storm and what the competition will be like. Then we were told to come up with fifty ideas in our groups. A group from each school had to go to the top and tell the audience their ideas.

Overall the workshop was a huge sucess, we learnt alot and it got us thinking serionsly about our own idea. We arrived back at the school for lunch time.

Peter Mc Verry Trust

On Saturday the 25th of September, 15 Transition Years students including myself, headed off to the local Tescos to raise money for the brillaint Peter Mc Verry Trust who take in those who are homeless and those on drugs and help get them clean from drugs.

Overall we had a great day and made LOADS of money for this worth while trust. We hope to do more fundraising for them in the future.
Steph S :)

Thanks to all the TY's who volunteered their time on Saturday. Bagpacking can be quite tiring. Well done everyone. Thanks to Karen and Stephanie for organising the day.

Find out more about the Peter Mc Verry Trust here.
Mrs L

Fun Walk... :)

Siobhan has posted the following on her blog.....

On Friday last we had our annual fun walk to end friendship week. This was a great day despite being freezing cold. As TY’s we were the colour yellow and we all wore yellow t-shirts .this year for the fun walk each class in each year had to make a dance to show to the judges before we left for the walk. Every class had to pick a song that had something to do with the theme of friendship. Our class Amina pick the song “Reach for the Stars” by S club 7. We used our PE classes to make a dance to show to the judges in the hopes that we could win between the two classes in TY.
Our tutor Ms O C helped us a huge amount and put a lot of time and effort into our dance with use. She also let use include her in our dance which turned out to be a huge success... Ms O C also spent a lot of time and effort to make herself a star costume to wear when we were doing our dance. :)
When we had finished doing our dance for the judges all the TY's headed off to where we would be directing the traffic and making sure that all the students got across the road safely. There were four students to each cross road along with a teacher. It was a great day even though that being place at one of the last cross roads meant that we had to sit in the cold and wait for everybody to be on the way back before we could go back to the school with all the other students.
Everybody enjoyed themselves during the fun walk and we all hope that maybe next year we will be able to dress up for the fun walk.
Siobhán. :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mini Company and Fun Walk

This week we went to a mini compant workshop in NAAS . It was really interesting and there was a lot of other schools there. We got lots of ideas from the workshop so it was really helpful.
It's friendship week in our school this week and the fun walk is on Friday. TY dress in yellow and class Amina are doing a dance to S Club 7 Reach for the Stars, with our tutor Ms O C.

Next week I am giving some of the girls in my class a guitar lesson which I am excited about.
Thats all for now..ttyl x
Posted by RóisínG

Saturday, September 18, 2010

JC Results

Wednesday 15th September 2010 - D-day. The day we had all been waiting for, yet dreading at the same time. All was good until we got called down to the hall, now there was definitely no going back. We were put into our old classe groups which was weird. We lined up in alphabetical order waiting to be handed our envelopes. I got mine and I was shaking like a leaf. I physically couldn't open them. So Ali opened mine, I opened hers and we told each other what we got, good idea wah? :) I was delighted with my results, I got the mark I wanted in Maths :) so we all ran outside, called our parents and congratulated each other. Dare I mention there were a few tears ; tears of happiness though :D

That night we all headed out to Time http://www.timevenue.com/ It was amazing. Everyone looked gorgeous and the music was great. I didn't get asleep 'til half 12 and we had school the next day! I got up at half 7 anyway and dragged myself into school. :/
Overall, it was good. A big anti-climax though after all that build up. Now its all over. Aurevoir,
Orlaigh xox

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Latest news from Carlingford

Ms O Callaghan sent me a text this morning to say that everyone seemed to have a good day yesterday and she expected a few very tired students at breakfast this morning!
The weather has picked up in Celbridge and I hope it does the same in Carlingford.

TY's return tonight at 7pm and are in school tomorrow for their Junior Cert results. Good luck to them all :)
Mrs L

Monday, September 13, 2010

Carlingford bonding trip

Good luck to classes Amina and Emnet on their TY bonding trip to Carlingford Adventure Centre, Co Louth. I just looked up the weather forecast and guess what?.... rain on Monday, rain on Monday night, rain on Tuesday morning, rain on Tuesday night :( Oh dear.

Hopefully the girls will be having so much fun they won't notice the rain!

Check out the Adventure Centre website here.

Mrs L

Monday, September 6, 2010

Amina's Social Development day

Today was Amina's social development day as a class and we were encouraged to let down our barriers and learn more about ourselves and those around us! Other aims of the day were to learn what part we play in a team, how to plan and focus on goals and achieve them and best of all how to boost our confidence! It was great fun and really did do all those things!

I personally have a choleric or as our our 'teacher' put it I'm a red, hot, director with a hint of blue, cool, logical cat! I think this was cool because I could never really put a...label so too speak, on my personality but now I can!! I can now also understand other's personalities and how to approach them as we all like to be treated differently!

Overall today was a good day and I really enjoyed myself and learned so much!
Talk Soon,
Roisin. P.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

First week 2010/2011

TY's started back to school on Tuesday this week. There have been no problems so far. No-one wanted to change class to be with their friends. No-one has said they are not going on the bonding trip to Carlingford Adventure Centre. Projects have been discussed, groups formed and work has begun.

Most importantly, teachers have told me that both classes are lovely:)

Here's hoping everyone, that's students and teachers, has a good year.
Mrs L

Friday, September 3, 2010

Blogging in TY

Today TY class Amina set up some blogs of their own. Blogger.com is blocked on the school network so until it is unblocked for us we used Quota time to create accounts. Quota time allows limited access to sites ans is allocated on a daily allowance. I think we used todays amount for the whole school in one class!!! Oops:)

TY's will be blogging this year instead of creating a Journal of Excellence. It is something new in TY so hopefully it will be a success.
Mrs L

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Millennium Development Goals

Today in RE we started by looking at the MDG's. Watch this video for more information.

A new year

TY 20010/2011 has begun and I want to wish everyone a successful year.

TY's have a day of Personal Development with Mr Austin Dunne to look forward to next week and then on 13th & 14th September they are off to Carlingford Adventure Centre. Watch this space for photographs!

Mrs L :)