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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good luck Savvy Savers

Good luck goes out to Savvy Savers who today represent St Wolstan's and Leinster (and further afield I think) at the National AIB Build a Bank competition in Croke Park.

Waiting on news.......

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ian Daly Swim a Mile Challenge

Ellie says...
Last week, was our first formal introduction to the "Ian Daly Swim A Mile" when the founder of the event and the father of Ian - Brian Daly came in to school to talk to us about taking part and explain to us where our money will go and how it will help.
This talk was very moving, and I think everyone found it quite emotional. It gave us a great insight into how we are helping by taking part in the swim, and great motivation to do the best we can and raise as much money as we can also.

We all left the school after registration and hopped on the bus. We were at the National Aquatic Centre, Blanchardstown, in no time and everyone got ready to go swimming. We had an hour in the pool to beat last years TY's who swam 25 miles.. and guess what? we did :) We managed to get 27 miles altogether with around 13 of us swimming a mile by ourselves.

It took me 45 minutes to swim the mile but I was so happy once it was done! Everyone took part in some way, like some girls were counting the rounds and taking pictures while the others swam.

After the staff of the NAC opened the slides so we had all that to ourselves. After that, we all went to Blanchardstown shopping centre, got some food, did a bit of looking around and made our way back to school.

Overall it was a brilliant day and a great experiance. Well done everyone, it was for such a good cause :) Thank you to Mr Lawlor for organising it and Ms O Callaghan for coming with us.


Thanks Ellie and Eileen, photos to follow I hope?
Mrs L

Monday, April 26, 2010

Class Desta's Retreat

On Thursday 22nd of April class Desta went on their retreat to Glendalough with Sr.Susan. We got the bus from school and it took us an hour to get there. When we got there we met our guide Fr. Micheal and started our retreat. We walked around a sort of maze on the ground and then afterwards Sr.Susan told us that about 500 TYs had walked it before us which I thought was pretty cool.

After this we saw St. Kevins well and went up to see the foundations of his house. Which was up a very steep and tiring hill I might add :) Then it was off to lunch and we had a great time in the lovely sunshine with Katie and Pamela doing cartwheels on the grass :)

After lunch we went to see Mary's church and then went to see St. Kevin's cross. We got to make a wish at the cross and give it a big hug. The day was great and really peaceful we were also blessed with a really sunny day. Thanks to Sr. Susan and Fr. Micheal for the day.

I was relaxed and felt very peaceful after it :)


Ellie says of her retreat;
"Our retreat was very much about having time to reflect on our thoughts. We were given time to sit above the water alone, to think and be quiet. Everyone found this time particularly enjoyable and relaxing. Overall the day was good, we had good weather and even more time to bond with eachother and have a fun day out.

The Girls taking part in the Gaisce hike in May, will find themselves back in Glendalough again very soon, for the "Adventure Activity" Part of the award."

Thanks Emma and Ellie

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ian Daly Swim a Mile

TY are off on Monday next to swim their miles for the Ian Daly Swim a Mile with a Smile campaign.

Laura and Brian Daly were recently interviewed on The Morning Show on TV3 about their son Ian and about setting up the annual Swim a Mile event.

Watch the interview here. Laura and Brian are on the first 15 minutes of the programme.

Good luck TY's, remember last year TY's swam 25 miles!! Can you beat that?

Mrs L

Friday, April 23, 2010

Eileen's update

Eileen tells me that this week both TY classes had their retreat at Glendalough.
They are also doing fencing and rugby at the moment, which Eileen really enjoyed. They are doing the Swim a Mile on Monday 26th April aswell.... so that should be a good day out. Eileen also says "Oh and a few of us out of class Desta are doing T.Y hoodies as part of mini company for everyone and they're being presented to us on T.Y night. Thats it really.."

Thanks Eileen for the update, maybe someone will snd me a report about your retreat?

Find more information on the Ian Daly Swim a Mile with a Smile here.

Eileen Maher and Mrs L

Hip Hop

Dance Classes
All the TY's have been given the opportunity to take part in Hip-hop dance classes as part of our TY programme. So far both classes have had our first day of dance and enjoyed it so much. Our Dance teacher Sharon is so much fun and really kind and helpful. Everyone is given the chance to take part and do the best they can. During class, we started to learn steps to a basic hip hop style dance. Everyone has such a laugh and the energy in the class is so upbeat and fun. At the end of our year we hope to able to perform a dance for TY night and so having classes is a great way to get us practiced and ready.
Ellie xox

Fencing in TY

Fencing classes
Last Tuesday and Wednesday the 13th and 14th of April Both TY classes Selam and Desta started Fencing. We have taken part in two classes each so far and both classes are really enjoying it a lot. We have learned some of the basic skills and techniques needed to have a fencing match. We learned things like the correct stance, how to move forward and backward and how to hit and block an opponent.
Today in Selams second class, we had Fencing matches with teams of 6 people competing against each other- the friendly rivalry between all of us was so much fun and everyone enjoyed it.
Fencing is a new skill to almost everyone in TY and we have all enjoyed learning so far, it’s been a great way to do something different other than class time and we look forward to are next class :)

Ellie xx

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Leaders On Our Level

On March 9th, our year group went to Croke park along with other TY’s from different schools. We were given a talk from various people who told us about their experiences with starting businesses and working in the business world. At the end of each talk we were free to ask questions. Everyone who did ask questions were given prizes. The interesting questions were given phones and concert tickets.

Caroline K :]

Lá Glas

On Tuesday the 16th of March, each year dressed in green according to the theme code for Lá Glas. TY's theme was green food and our year was represented well at the parade and chéili at lunch time.

Susan Mc Cormack, Hannah Walsh, Eimear Mc Carthy, Emma Murphy, Meg Kelly and Louise Bailey-Smith all paraded around the courtyard dressed as different green foods such as Green Giant Sweet Corn, Black Eyed Pea, Apples etc. and they each recieved an easter egg for participating.

After the parading we then had a giant chéili with people from all years joining in and dancing around the courtyard to Irish songs and tunes such as the Dreolin. It really got us all in the spirit of St. Patricks day and all TYs really enjoyed the day XD.

Paula :]