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Monday, April 26, 2010

Class Desta's Retreat

On Thursday 22nd of April class Desta went on their retreat to Glendalough with Sr.Susan. We got the bus from school and it took us an hour to get there. When we got there we met our guide Fr. Micheal and started our retreat. We walked around a sort of maze on the ground and then afterwards Sr.Susan told us that about 500 TYs had walked it before us which I thought was pretty cool.

After this we saw St. Kevins well and went up to see the foundations of his house. Which was up a very steep and tiring hill I might add :) Then it was off to lunch and we had a great time in the lovely sunshine with Katie and Pamela doing cartwheels on the grass :)

After lunch we went to see Mary's church and then went to see St. Kevin's cross. We got to make a wish at the cross and give it a big hug. The day was great and really peaceful we were also blessed with a really sunny day. Thanks to Sr. Susan and Fr. Micheal for the day.

I was relaxed and felt very peaceful after it :)


Ellie says of her retreat;
"Our retreat was very much about having time to reflect on our thoughts. We were given time to sit above the water alone, to think and be quiet. Everyone found this time particularly enjoyable and relaxing. Overall the day was good, we had good weather and even more time to bond with eachother and have a fun day out.

The Girls taking part in the Gaisce hike in May, will find themselves back in Glendalough again very soon, for the "Adventure Activity" Part of the award."

Thanks Emma and Ellie

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