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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blog of the week!

Siobhan has posted every day this past week. Well done Siobhan...you get my first Blog of the Week Award:)

Read Siobhan's blog here.
Mrs L:)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Poll: Did you enjoy work experience?

Results from the Work Experience (November 2010) poll:

Did you enjoy work experience?
Yes 96.23% (51 votes)
No 3.77% (2 votes)
Not sure 0% (0 votes)
Total Votes: 53

Thanks to everyone who voted:)

Saidhbh's Poll

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Thoughts on Work Experience

Here's a snapshot of what the TY's are writing about their work experience last week......

Stephanie S
Now I know to work hard in school because it shows how far in life you go. 

Aoife B
Overall I had a good week, I have realised that I like interacting with children and so this will help me when I consider possible careers.

I think that I got on very well in work experience I got on well with all the nurses and they were very good to me they helped me a lot when it comes to thinking about what I want to do in the future.
That was a week that I will never forget and I truly did have a good time and I’m going to miss it very much.

I went off to The Village at Lyons for the week.  When I’m older I either want to do something with food like a chef or be a primary school teacher. For my second week of work experience, in March, I’m going to my primary school to see what both careers would be like. Should be fun :D

Niamh P
Well Friday was my last day of work experience. I really didn't want to leave when half three came around on the clock.  The week was so enjoyable and I did learned quite a lot about pharmacy.

Self Help Africa - Lasting Development

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Self Help Africa - Lasting Development

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Do you enjoy blogging in TY?

Total Votes: 34

New poll - Did you enjoy work experience? Cast your vote :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Emma and Ailbhe went to Athlone Institute of Technology for some help......

Emma writes in her blog.......

"Well I'm just back from the Athlone Institute of Technology & could not be happier! xD After being in contact with Michael for several weeks in relation to getting a prototype made for our mini-company product "Knot a Problem", today we finally got the chance to speak with him and his colleagues about our design.
The day seemed off to a bad start when we got stuck in traffic on the motor-way & had to take several diversions, due to an accident. Despite this however, we managed to arrive at 12:03, just 3 minutes late! We were introduced to Michael himself first, who told us our schedule for the day & brought us over to James who discussed our designs, proposed ways of improving it & talked about the manufacturing process. He also brought us around & showed us some of the high-tech machines they use in the Institute for prototyping. I had no idea the machinery, materials & cost for manufacture was so expensive! The moulds alone for our original design were estimated at a price of approximately
€6'000!:(  ..................."
There's so much more in Emma's post, read the rest of it here

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Poverty Wall

Use the Scroll tabs to view the wall below, then Click the pink 'Post a Sticky' tab below to post your own thoughts on poverty.

Emnet Poverty Wall

I have created a Wallwisher wall for class Emnet. It is a simple webpage where we all can post our messages easily. The theme of this one wall is Poverty. I'll post the final Wall here when everyone has added a thought or comment to it.
So simply go to http://www.wallwisher.com/wall/emnetpoverty and post your message there
Happy Posting!
Mrs L

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

History projects

Grace is thinking about her History project......

"In History we've been assigned our Christmas Project and this is what we'll be marked on for Christmas rather than a sit down test. We have to choose a place of historical significance that we'd like to research and look at it under certain headings. Another option that we can do is a Family Tree. I'm not sure which place I will choose to do but The Famine is something that is quite interesting and would be fun to learn about."


Emma K was blogging about Pilates today......

"So today for double PE we started pilates with Angela in the library while Amina did dancing. So far it seems pretty similar to yoga except more...strenuous :/
To start off, we were told about the muscles we would be targeting & shown how to keep our stomach sucked in for maximum benefit (:
After being shown how to breathe properly without relaxing our stomach, we did various exercises, which although was fun, was pretty hard work. I kept forgetting to breathe!"

Please don't forget to breathe Emma!
Mrs L :)

Work Experience excitement

Some of the TY's have been blogging about work experience next week. here is a selection of what they are saying.......

"This week we are busy preparing for work experience, which is next week. I will be going to St Anne’s National School in Ardclough for the week. On Friday all of TY will have a workshop to tell us what to expect during work experience and tell us what to do if we encounter any problems. I'm really looking forward to work experience as I’m going to my old primary school, but it will be a little awkward to see my old teachers."

"I'm going off to a dog groomers in Newcastle so that should be fun. "

"I'm going to Naas hospital from Monday to Thursday and Tirmohan National School for Friday. Getting work experience was a challenge but I know it'll be worthwhile. It was a great learning experience for the future."

"I'm going to the D.S.P.C.A. for my first week and working with all the animals who need new homes or need to be nursed back to health, i'm really looking forward to it."

Ciara B
"I'm going to Scoil Mochua from Monday to Thursday as they have a day off on Friday so i'm going to a playschool in Maynooth for the day. I'm hoping to be a teacher in the future so this experience will let me see what it's like as a job and will hopefully give me motivation to study hard and get the points needed for teaching college (about 479 at the moment :S) No pressure :L"

Aoife O B
"I'm going to Carton House Hotel in Maynooth for the week. I start at 9 and finish at 4 so its the same as a school day which is not too bad!! I'l be doing something different every day, like working in a different section of the hotel everyday! When I applied for my work experience, I had to do an interview which I was really nervous for but it wasnt that bad! I'm really looking forward to it :)"

"Our first internship for work experience is from the 8th-12th of November. Next week, we are having a preparation seminar during school to prepare us for our work experience. I am doing my work experience in Morgan Model Management, located in town, Herbert Place. It is management for models, photographers, stylists, hair and make-up artists and production. They also provide a full production service for photo shoots and fashion shows. I can't wait!"

Good luck to all TY's on work experience.
Mrs L :)