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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Work Experience excitement

Some of the TY's have been blogging about work experience next week. here is a selection of what they are saying.......

"This week we are busy preparing for work experience, which is next week. I will be going to St Anne’s National School in Ardclough for the week. On Friday all of TY will have a workshop to tell us what to expect during work experience and tell us what to do if we encounter any problems. I'm really looking forward to work experience as I’m going to my old primary school, but it will be a little awkward to see my old teachers."

"I'm going off to a dog groomers in Newcastle so that should be fun. "

"I'm going to Naas hospital from Monday to Thursday and Tirmohan National School for Friday. Getting work experience was a challenge but I know it'll be worthwhile. It was a great learning experience for the future."

"I'm going to the D.S.P.C.A. for my first week and working with all the animals who need new homes or need to be nursed back to health, i'm really looking forward to it."

Ciara B
"I'm going to Scoil Mochua from Monday to Thursday as they have a day off on Friday so i'm going to a playschool in Maynooth for the day. I'm hoping to be a teacher in the future so this experience will let me see what it's like as a job and will hopefully give me motivation to study hard and get the points needed for teaching college (about 479 at the moment :S) No pressure :L"

Aoife O B
"I'm going to Carton House Hotel in Maynooth for the week. I start at 9 and finish at 4 so its the same as a school day which is not too bad!! I'l be doing something different every day, like working in a different section of the hotel everyday! When I applied for my work experience, I had to do an interview which I was really nervous for but it wasnt that bad! I'm really looking forward to it :)"

"Our first internship for work experience is from the 8th-12th of November. Next week, we are having a preparation seminar during school to prepare us for our work experience. I am doing my work experience in Morgan Model Management, located in town, Herbert Place. It is management for models, photographers, stylists, hair and make-up artists and production. They also provide a full production service for photo shoots and fashion shows. I can't wait!"

Good luck to all TY's on work experience.
Mrs L :)

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