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Monday, September 27, 2010

Mini company workshop

Ruth posted this on her TY blog.

Last Monday the whole year went to a mini company workshop in the Moat Theatre Naas. There were five other schools there. The point of this workshop was to learn about brain-storming, and creating a company. The lady also taught us about the different jobs that a business must have, and the roles of those jobs. She told us about planning the business and she told us information that would be useful later in the competition.

We got a small break at 10:45 for fifteen minutes. After the break we watched some videos about how to brain-storm and what the competition will be like. Then we were told to come up with fifty ideas in our groups. A group from each school had to go to the top and tell the audience their ideas.

Overall the workshop was a huge sucess, we learnt alot and it got us thinking serionsly about our own idea. We arrived back at the school for lunch time.

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