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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First month of TY finished!

Grace posted this on her TY blog and I've copied it here. She seems to be enjoying her TY experience.
Mrs L

First month of TY nearly finished; & so far it has been really fun, I’ve laughed so much throughout it, :)

On Monday the 20th of September we all went to Naas to the Moat theatre and discussed setting up our businesses in Mini Company, my group has a few good ideas for it but nothing is set yet.

In Science we are still questioning our one-page proposal for the Young Scientist competition. It’s hard work.

All last week was Friendship week and in Religion we had to make an outline of our hand and pass it around the room so everyone could write a positive comment on you, I got back a lot of nice things, thankfully, haha. Also on Friday we had our annual Fun Run. Transition Year’s colour was yellow and we were all wearing yellow t-shirts. We made up a dance, and we won!
Even though it’s Transition Year, it’s still very tiring.
Grace D

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