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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Carlingford bonding trip

On Wednesday the 16th September, TY set off for Carlingford Adventure Centre, Co. Louth. The purpose of this trip was to bond with other people in our year and to learn to work as a team.

We set off at 7am (although some people were half an hour late!) and to arrive at 9am. We all had a big singsong on the bus on the way there because we were all buzzing with excitement.

We arrived at the centre and were arranged into our bedrooms, most people were happy and got rooms with their friends.

We were then put into two groups and went out to our first activity, either a land or a water activity. After our first activity, we came back, had lunch, and got to know the instructors a bit more.

Many activities later, and after a sleepless night for many, (thanks for that Louise!) we began our long journey home. Due to our sugar over load and lack of sleep, the bus ride home dragged on for what seemed like eternity, many people fell asleep in the strangest positions, and that was when the cameras came out!

Even though we photographed our friends when they were at their worst, I assure you it was out of love! We learned that Kelli is the least threatening person ever, that Grainne and Sarah like to dance, that Sinead has a major ability to lose her camera, that Caroline is comfortable in wet shoes and that Louise is somewhat nocturnal!

But the most important thing that I learned in Carlingford is not that we are all different, but that deep down, we’re all the same. We are just a group of teenage girls that want to have fun! (And, take pictures of Sebastian!)

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