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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ellie's in the Law Library

I am working in the Law Library Of Ireland in Dublin with a Barrister.

In the weeks leading up to work experience, we were doing lots of things to prepare ourselves to go out and work. I was in contact with the barrister’s secretary to find out things I needed to know such as starting times and dress code etc.
When everything was prepared and it was finally Monday morning I must admit I was slightly nervous, more nervous than I thought I would be. I got the bus into Church Street, where the law library buildings are. I was lucky to have Eileen, who was doing her work experience in The Bridewell Garda station, with me.

I went in to meet the secretary and was pleasantly surprised to be met by Sarah, a barrister who is currently devilling. After settling in I found myself get much more comfortable quite quickly and by this stage I was excited to get started.

My first day was amazing. I enjoyed it so much. I got to get a tour around the four courts and have access to special areas where only barristers are allowed. I got to watch many barristers prepare for their cases as well as sit in the court room, and watch various cases and trials in both Civil and Criminal law. Throughout my day, I was introduced to many very prestigious barristers, solicitors and judges. Since my first day things have only been getting better, the days are always busy and really exciting. I have done so many interesting things already and I am only half way through my week!

Overall so far my experience of work experience is nothing but positive, I have enjoyed it so much and learned so much about the career and the law. I have definitely got a real interest in this area of work, which has only grown stronger since coming here, and it would definitely be something I would consider to do after school.

I thought I wouldn’t say this, but I really don’t want it to end.... school is going to be such an anti climax compared to this haha. . . I want to stay!

Ellie :) xo xo

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  1. Well done Ellie, sounds like you are having a really worthwhile work experience.

    See you back in school next week:(

    Mrs L