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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Irish trip to town

On Thursday 26th November both Desta and Selam headed into Dublin to the National Library, The National Museum and The National Gallery for our Irish trip. When we arrived we went to the National Library first where we were met by a tour guide. She brought us around and showed us the differnent things about Yeats, his life story, his family, how he wasn't very good in school, Maud Gonne, the events that inspired his writing etc..
We then went to the National Museum. We saw all the different things like the Bog bodies the Gold exhibition and many other interesting things. The bog bodies were so cool, they were so well preserved. One of them still had finger nails and hair.

After the National Museum we went for lunch on Grafton Street and we met Martin King and the Australian Rugby Team. It was great fun and we got pictures with them too :) Martin King is so nice haha.

After lunch we went to the National Gallery where we were also met by a tour guide. We saw pictures by Jack.B Yeats, Edward Munch etc..

Overall the day was really good and it was enjoyed by all :)


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