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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ellie's TY so far

Wow! Where to begin? Since the beginning of TY the amount of things we have all got involved with is huge.
From going away to Carlingford, having numerous workshops and information talks from organisations like Schools Across Borders and Color Me Beautiful and so many more. Social development days, to Pilates and CPR classes, to various projects in class subjects and taking part in the W factor- our school talent show.

We also got to go into Dublin for an Irish trip. Can't forget our amazing work experience week, when we got the opportunity to work in a place of our choice.

In my opinion so far, TY has been a whirl wind of experience and we have gotten to do so many fun things! We have been able to get involved, work and gain experience in different things other than just basic school activities and of course got the chance to get to know lots of new people and make new friends! :)


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