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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Development Education workshops

On the 30th of November we all hopped on a bus to Maynooth but we nearly had to postpone the trip because of the terrible floods that occurred the night before. In the end we got to NUI Maynooth.

For the workshops we got split into 3 groups and put into different rooms for different talks. The first talk we got was about HIV and AIDS. Two women from Uganda and Tanzania came to talk about the dangers of the disease and how to prevent it.

The 2nd talk was about all the problems in the world today like drought, famine, inequality and disease.

The 3rd talk was by Darren Irvine from Schools Across Borders which we have already heard from. He talked about the conflict on Palestine and Israel.

The day was organised by Self Help Africa and the Combat Diseases of Poverty Consortium, NUIM. It was very beneficial. Thanks to Patsy Toland, Self Help Africa, and Joe Clowry, CDPC, for organising it.


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