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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fashion Show reports

Over the last term, all three TY Home Economics classes were working hard to produce an outfit that they would model in the TY fashion show.

Each class group were split into groups of about three girls each, and we were given a plain white t-shirt and jeans. From this, our task was to design and make an outfit by reshaping and adding things to the outfit to make it original. There were 3coloured themes and each group were given one of these colours -black & white, purple, and red.
Groups worked so hard to get their outfit completed and to make sure it fit their model correctly etc. Each group also made a story board complete with sketches and swatches of material to show their inspiration and the hard work that they underwent to make the outfit look as good as it did.
Last Friday the 11th of December 2009 was the day of the fashion show. Prior to this each group had selected a model and speaker and someone to do the group's music. Each group got their own time to introduce their outfit and say a little bit about it, while the model walked the runway and the piece of music that linked to the outfit was played.
On Friday, it was very evident all the hard work we all put in, because the outfits and models all looked amazing! There was a variation of outfits, mainly dresses, from short and modern to long and vintage. The day was great, and this whole project was something we all enjoyed a lot. It was such a good chance to use our creativity and work in groups! :)

Ellie =]

As part of the T.Y. home economics programme, the T.Y.s had to make an outfit of their choice.
They were put into groups given either the colours of purple, red or black and white. They had to make their outfit using a white t-shirt and a white pair of jeans. They also had to pick a theme to style their outfit around. The fashion show was held on Friday the 11th of December and showcased the finished costumes. Ms. Carpenter and Ms. Leonard had the very tough job of choosing the winners in each class, the most innovative and the overall winner.
the winners were:
Group winning members:
Group 1:
class winner: Red Flapper dress: Katie Ryan (model),Susan McCormack (reader), Megan Kelly, and Leigha Mawer.
Group 2:
class winner: purple barbie: Eva Brady, Nadia Budwa (model) Robin Carroll and Hannah Walshe (reader)
Group 3:
class winner: Purple: Rebecca Eiffe (model), Aoife Burnbridge(reader), Shannon Dignan and Chloe Abbott.
Most Innovative: Purple newspaper: Sarah Vance(model), Caroline Corr, Emer O`Brien(reader) and Caroline O`Callaghan.
Overall Winner: Bork Swan: Caoimhe McCormack(model) Aoife O`Brien, Nicole McDonagh(reader), Sophie O`Carroll, Eimear McCarthy.

Overall it was a very enjoyable afternoon that showcased the talent of T.Y.!!

By Sinéad McCabe, Emma Murphy and Katie Ryan.

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