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Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Young Scientist project

This year so far, we have been working on our B.T. Young Scientist Exhibition projects. Everyone has divided into small groups to work on their individual projects. Eimear McCarthy and I are researching “The Medical Properties of Sea Air.”

We have written a letter to Met Eireann requesting information on different aspects of sea air, and we have carried out surveys in the school. We will soon visit coastal areas to carry out experiments relating to pressure, humidity and various other properties of sea air.

We sent our detailed one page proposal to the panel of judges for the Exhibition, but unfortunately we were not accepted for the exhibition in January.

We continue to do our project for an in-school competition next year though.

I am enjoying working on my science project and I feel that is a really good opportunity to research an area of particular interest to you.

Sophie O' Carroll

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