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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yeats, Monk and Mc D's!

On the 26th of November the whole of Transition Year went on a trip into Dublin .

To start the day we went to the National History Museum were we looked at bog bodies and ancient Irish archives. The Bog Bodies were brilliant. They were preserved so well and amazed the whole class. At one o clock we walked into Grafton Street for lunch. After a few mc Donald’s stops, a chicken tikka roll and a twirl bar, a group of us decided we would get into the Christmas spirit and started to sing Christmas Carols. To our delight we were cheered and smiled at and gave a great festive feeling to the busy shoppers.

We returned at 2pm and began the Yeats painting exhibition. It was beautiful. His background history and he use of colour interested the group and we were all immediately submerged in late 1800’s masterpieces.

Then followed the Monk exhibition. This was more modern art, but with a severe twist. Monk’s life and peculiar paintings were a different atmosphere to Yeats colourful creations. But his individuality and extremely harsh life kept us on our toes.

Overall the day was a success and we all enjoyed the day thoroughly, learning about our native painters, historic figures, Irish literature, and ancient artefacts.


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