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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Geography presentations

I really enjoyed my Geography classes with Desta this week. The girls were presenting their World Trip presentations.

So far we have 'travelled' to Tanzania, New Zealand and USA with Louise, Kirstin and Caroline. Louise brought in some American Oreos for us to taste and took us on a journey up the US west coast. We then 'travelled' to Mexico, France, and Sweden with Alex, Shannon and Dearbhile who brought in some Mexican nachos and dip to share with us. Katie, Paula and Emma took us to Malawi, Azerbaijan and showed us some cuddly animals from Australia. Did you know the Koala bear is actually not a bear...and it's name is just Koala?

Ali, Eileen and Niamh took us to Egypt, Italy and Austria. Imagine, the Leaning Tower of Pisa was still built even after they discovered it leaning when building the 3rd floor?

We listened to some Mozart and even sang "Twinkle, Twinkle, little Star" with Niamh because Mozart, the Austrian composer, wrote a variation of the song.

Доброе утро ( doh-brah-eh- oo-trah) Good morning.
Today, Karolina gave us her presentation on her homeland, Russia. She taught us some Russian phrases and told us about the MEGA shopping centre in Moscow where she used to shop...250 shops, that's big!
Rebecca offered us some Vegemite and crackers from Australia. I think the crackers went down better than the Vegemite:) Vicky told us about the Museum of the Revolution in Havana in Cuba, and some of the colourful festivals they celebrate there. Caoimhe was taken by Malaysia because she likes scuba diving and tempted us with the beautiful clear waters there. She also took us to Germany where she wants to visit the Black Forest to find out why it's called that.

We have more presentations to come next week and I am so looking forward to them.

до свидания (Dasvidania) :)

Mrs Leahy


  1. What a good idea for a school class! I love to travel and Havana is one of my favourite cities to visit.

  2. I think this is a very good idea, what about Spain? is anybody talking about it?