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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Back to schooool!

It's going well so far, so hopefully it gets better, sure it's only the second day!

Midterm was great but the Friday when we got our midterm was brrrrilliant! Dress up :) First years were cats and ghosts, 2nd years were spiders and bats, 3rd years were scooby doo, TY's Zombies (=]), 5th years The Adams Family and 6th years Hogwarts!
I love the dress up days, they're always great fun and I always try to put as much effort in as possible, so this year I spent over time working on my costume....and it paid off :)...

We had pilates first thing that morning but that didnt stop me, I came into school in full costume, face paint and all! You should have seen the rest of the girls after they dressed up, they looked amazing :D (woo go Selam ;]).

I got chosen from my class to go in the parade and while I was happy I didn't think my costume was that impressive and I kept hearing how great Pamela (the chosen one from Desta) looked. So we were called down to the hall to get ready for the parade at lunch time, Oh My God :O all the costumes were so cool! Everybody put so much work into it and Pamela looked so good. TY's definitely looked the best but 6th Years weren't too far off either! We walked up to the judges channelling our inner zombies with cheers from our fellow TYs. We were planning to pull off a very cool rendition of Thriller (sticking with the whole zombie theme) but decided not too :L. All the finalists got a yummy Cadburys bar of chocolate! When they called out both our names as winners we were like "wooooooo!" hehe. So we got a HUGE big bar of chocolate and of corse mine was gone in less than a minute (With a little help from my friends or course!). All in all it was an Awesome day! :D So I think all TYs should take up careers in zombie costume making :D

Work experience is next week, slightly nervous but it should be good :)

Still sticking with my conclusion that TY is awesome!
~Meg XO XO

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