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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Leaders on Our Level

On the 9th of March our Transition Year students were invited to 'Leaders on our Level' which is run by TY students in Terenure College. It is a talk given by well known entrepreneurs and people who have overcome great challenges in their lives.

Overall, there were 7 speakers. They were from businesses such as Microsoft, R’evolutionary and Telecom. There was a lady there who got the taste for business in Transition Year and has become very successful. Mark Pollock was there also and gave a very inspirational talk. He lost his sight 12 years ago, and has since taken part in the Gobi March, and has taken on a 43 day trek in Antarctica to the South Pole.

Father Peter Mc Verry talked to us also and told us about the people he works with and their lives. The final speakers were from Northern Ireland and told us about their lives as part of the PSNI police force and the UVF.

Some people who asked questions were given prizes, such as phones and concert tickets. At the breaks there were drinks provided and chocolate. It was a great day out, and the Terenure students did a great job organising it all.


Ellie says " The Leaders On our level day out was so good! Incredibly inspirational and my favourite speaker of all was Mark Pollock - his story was amazing and so inspiring."

Hannah emailed me and I think that she has a very interesting point here...."We had many famous entrepreneurs with us, for example, Denis o'brien founder of o2, a blind polar and desert marathon runner and M.D of Microsoft Ireland and Northern Ireland. They each gave there views on how to achieve success and how the get the most out of your opportunities. Each speaker had different ways of developing aspects of leadership, but they mentioned about standing out of the crowd and letting your idea be recognised. It was a truly eye opening of a day."

Thanks Ali, Hannah and Ellie, sounds like a very interesting day.....and a great opportunity to interact with some of Irelands leadership gurus! Thanks to Mr Corcoran who manages to get us tickets and organise the trip every year.

See what Terenure College have to say here

here's Mark Pollock's website http://www.markpollock.com/
Mrs L

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