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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Meg's Work Experience :) Day 2

2 days down 2 days to go :) So far its great! I'm doing my second work experience in Urban Outfitters, a clothing store in Temple Bar!
Yesterday morning was my first morning and I felt so grown up taking the bus into town and walking through town to work!!
Had to get up early though :( I got in at 9am and I was introduced to my supervisor, Anne, and the other girls there that are doing work experience. The first thing we had to do was go to the staff briefing, then we helped out most of the day in the changing rooms and with backstock.
But today was really good and really busy! At the staff briefing in the morning I was split up from the other girls and I was put in Home Wear. The girl who was in charge there is so nice! I helped her put tags on things and then she asked me to go down to the stock room and put all the back stock of the home wear on shelves! Believe it or not that was great fun! Then I went upstairs back to Home Wear and got to make up a whole display myself with mugs! They are all novelty mugs so I made it really cool! It looks great!
I got an hour for lunch and I met Ellie for a sandwich, best EVER :o

After lunch I was put in charge of one of the floors for a bit then I helped Jamie in the dressing rooms getting all the clothes out!
So, I'm enjoying my work experience and I'm having a great time, the people are so nice and the job is great!
Wish us luck, we'll keep you posted.


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