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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Drama competition

Class Desta were recently involved in the Transition Year Drama Competition, and the class was thrilled to get into the semi-finals, with our dramas, "Seventeen" and "Us and Them". The following Thursday, we were back in the Mullingar performing the plays again.
We wern't as nervous that time and got the chance to enjoy ourselves on-stage.

We were told to sit tight, and wait for the results, which were sadly, not good. We didn't make it to the finals in Cork, but the whole experience was well worth all the hours rehearsing and leanring our lines. The whole class thoroughly enjoyed the whole competition.
A big thank you to Ms. Guilfoyle for co-ordinating it all, and for putting up with us messing up our lines!

- Alex, Desta

Well done anyway to class Desta. I'm sure you were just piped at the post for a place in the finals:)
Mrs L

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