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Friday, March 25, 2011

Saidhbh was at RTE

Saidhbh spent a week at RTE for her work experience. Read what she has to say about it .......

"Last week I had the privilege of doing work experience in RTE for the week :)I was unbelievably lucky as I was one of 18 students picked out of a draw of about 300! RTE do a special T.Y work experience programme, and it began on Monday.....
where I had to report to the t.v. reception at 10. There were 17 other T.Y. students from lots of different schools and by the end of the week we were all good friends :). That morning we were given an introduction and then brought around to all the different studios on a tour. We saw the set of Fair City, the Daily Show and the Late Late Show :)

We were also brought to the RTE publications section, where they publish the RTE guide. They showed us how they photoshop the cover and gave us a talk on the interviews they do with people. It was all really interesting, especially because I'd love to work in media when I'm older, especially editing or journalism.

The next day we spent the morning in radio. That was one of the highlights of the week because we got to listen in on Ryan Tubardy's show and he came out and talked to us :D (our first celebrity of the week :) ) We also sat it on Pat Kenny and Marty Whelan's shows. Then the band Aslan came and played live on the Rick O' Sé show, and we got to sit it on the interview with them too :D

On Wedensday we were divided into two groups and given camera and sound equipment. We were told to shoot a 3 minute programme and write the sript and act in it ourselves. It was a bit of a challenge but once we got ideas going we wrote a script and started filming. We decided to do a skit on a crime show, and we got to shoot on the Fair City set. I was the scriptwriter, and an extra in the show. It was great fun to do and we definitley enjoyed it! Using the professional equipment was really cool, and then the team director edited it.
We were off on Thursday because it was St. Patricks's day, but we were in again on Friday our last day :( In the morning we went to the newsrooms and were shown how they broadcast the News. In the afternoon we watched our edited films, and we had a brilliant time laughing at them :L We were given a goody bag with a copy of our programme, a photo of us all together, and RTE pen and keyring and an account of the week we wrote ourselves :)
In my opinion it was one of the best work experience's you could possibly do! :D"

Sounds great Saidhbh, well done. We'll have to watch out for you on the TV in years to come!!

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Mrs L :)

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