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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lauren wants to teach!

Lauren was teaching last week. Click the Read More link below to read her post....

"Last week the 7th of March all TY's were out on work experience. I decided to do my work experience in my old primary school. I chose to do my work experience here because ever since I was a primary school student I wanted to be a teacher myself.

On the Monday before I started work I was really nervous because I was the only student going to the school. I soon realised that there was nothing to be nervous about. The day went great. The school had a book fair on the week Ii was there so every morning I would go there and take in all the money and then tidy up at the end of it all. After that I would go in to the Junior Infants room where I would remain till two o clock which is when they go home. While I was there with them I would help the teacher with all the correcting and help any student that was stuck with their work. At lunch time I would supervise them and then read them a story at the end of the day.
For my lunch break I would go out and supervise the yard then I would go to the staff room and eat lunch. From 2 till 3 it was slow I only did some photocopying for teachers and cleaning. That was my main routine for the week except on some days I would help out other classes with Art and P.E.

Towards the end of the week I had even more responsibilities within the classes. I was able to teach a bit more which I loved. Also on the last day of it all I got to sit in a watch Toy Story 3 with the infants because it was raining at lunch time so they were unable to play outside.

I really enjoyed my week at the school and I would still really consider being a primary school teacher. I also enjoyed being back with all my old teachers and the school. I was surprised at how much the school has changed since I was there. They are now planning to build an extension and in every class room there is an interactive white board."

And what did you tell me today that you learnt about teaching Lauren? Go on, tell us.....

Mrs L

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