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Thursday, March 31, 2011

TY Friendship - by Aoife


Our last few months,
We'll never forget those laughs.
From Carlingford to Carlow,
Mini Company to English,
Dressing up or down,
Making friends
being insane,
toward music night
then grad night.

Our work experience
and experiences for life,
from screaming running with a rugby ball
to trying to keep us quiet in music class.
Learning new things,
taking on challenges.
Making us who we are,
opening our eyes.
Getting to know others a lot better.

So to TY,
thanks for what you've brought.
and what you'll help do in our years ahead
No matter how much competition between the two classes
it was all fun
glad that you were the year I went in with TY :) <3 Aoife

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