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Friday, March 11, 2011

Ailbhe likes the student life!

Ailbhe spent her work experience at the University of Limerick. Sounds like she enjoyed it, read on.....

"University of Limerick is really such an amazing place to go for work experience! The reason I went to UL was because I wanted to get a taste of a few different courses and I thought that it might give me an idea of what I would want to do in college. It was so good because we actually were like college students for the week. We were on our own going to the different lectures......
There were two timetables where I really picked and chose from as I wanted to get to a range of different lectures and meetings and workshops. There were a lot of science activities and lectures in Law, Engineering, Architecture and Language courses! It was one of the best weeks of this year and I really want to go again. It's like I'm ready to go to University now ... it's kind of annoying that I will have to wait another two and a half years to actually go. I have loads to say but I will have to go to another lecture soon! I will definately miss UL so much! It was really an amazing experience and I have met people that will be friends for life :) "

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