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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Orlaigh's been to Court!

Orlaigh has been in the Four Courts on work experience, read on......

"So, I'm doing my Work Experience in the Four Courts this week and wow was it a good choice. Since I was seven I have wanted to be a lawyer and to finally get to see all of these intelligent barristers at work is just amazing..........

So far I have been to Cloverhill Courthouse where they deal with applications for Bail ( that was really interesting), The Four Courts ( where all the business goes down) and the Criminal Courts of Justice ( which was the the one I found most interesting so far). So, I really have had a good variety for three days!

The language that barristers use in court can be very very difficult to comprehend at times, especially when the case is complicated. I prefer the trials up in the Circuit Court, they are held in the Criminal Courts of Justice. I find them particularly interesting as they are more controversial and current - many of the cases would have been spoke about on the news and to attend a small part of a trail is really something.

The biggest impact this week has left on me is the vast amount of information I have been given about everything in Court. I can't take it all in - and thats just the Tip of the Iceberg compared to the detail I would be going into if I practiced law.

They all walk so fast in there! Everyone is running around - but will I let you in on a trade secret? Okay well you're not supposed to look like your running like a maniac between courts and offices so you simply glideeeee. Its great! They also wear big robes that catch the wind when they walk and fan out and they wear those funny wigs (which are made from real horse hair!). It is all very respectful and everyone bows to judges, they are high and mighty!"

Sounds like a good week Orlaigh :)

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