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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Aoife has advice for new TYs

Aoife wrote a really good post giving advice to any student going into TY next year, I thought it important to put here so the 3rd Years will read it.

"What's So Good about TY?

As Mrs. Leahy has directed future transition year students to explore our blogs and gather more information about the whole TY experience I decided that I would make a post dedicated to
giving information about TY that I would have found useful before beginning TY.

Firstly I would start to organise work experience now, I know it seems crazy to start so early but you will be kicking yourself if you don't get the placement you want. There are some placements that are really hard to get and the places fill up so quickly such as Hospitals, Vets, Radio stations etc. I would strongly advise applying now or even making a list of places you could go to and writing up a draft email/letter. I would also recommend picking a placement that allows you to experience a career that you would actually consider pursuing when you are older. Some placements may seem really fun but if you are not interested in it for your future it will end up being a waste a time. I personally choose two work experiences that I was considering as a career and I found it so helpful. The idea that I had of some jobs were so unrealistic and it allowed me to see what it is really like. I now know that I definitely do not want to be a primary school teacher after doing work experience, which is really helpful as I don't know how I would have decided without the experience and may have ended up in the wrong career choice.

I would also advise to work hard and steadily throughout the year. It sometimes seems easy to fall off track and get lazy as you don't have the constant pressure of tests but the projects that you are assigned are just as important and doing them the night before really doesn't work and you won't reap the benefits from it. In TY it is all about self- motivation and learning, at the end of the day if you don't get the work done, it reflects poorly on you. You also do get homework contrary to popular beliefs, do it well because you are constantly being assessed and it is an extra year of the central subjects which is pretty useful and could make all the difference.

However the greatest thing about TY is that it's not about the academics. You get to experience so many things in TY. There are so many competitions such as Young Scientist, Scifest, F1 in schools, Drama Competitions and Minicompany. They are all really fun to participate in and great on a C.V! In class there is also more to do, as it is not all about exams teachers can do the more exciting interesting things with you.TY is also great for building friendships. I knew most of the girls already but you get to know people so much better and on a deeper level. You will feel comfortable sitting beside and making conversation with any TY. Class Amina is like one big group of friends there is no divide, which is great, no one is afraid to speak up in class everyone has an opinion!.

Another good thing about TY is that you have more spare time as you are not studying for the Junior Cert etc! I would advise to get as much done as possible in your spare time as you won't have as much when you get into 5th year. I would take the opportunity to get more involved in school join a sports team, green schools, Saint Vincent De Paul, Debating, Dancing... the list is endless. But honestly take up something new or something you always wanted to do but just didn't have the time for.
There is also alot of courses specially for TY. If you have interests in the science subjects for example it would be worth your time looking up Transition Year Courses on the internet to see what's available. I know that Trinity and UCD all host special course but the places are limited so be prepared.

TY also gives you time to mature and develop new skills. You will make alot of presentations so by the end of the year you will have no problem standing up to a crowd, if you are in anyway shy your fear will be conquered. TY also give's you a much needed break so by the end you actually feel ready to go into fifth year. You will feel that you are ready to work hard and you will be energized and more determined than ever to do well!

Also you do get a taste of all the different subjects and have more time to reflect on what subjects you would like to take for the Leaving Certificate. Don't push that decision to the back of your mind and let it creep up on you just like during third year. Make time to think about your decision so that you have made the wisest choice.

What else can I say about TY? It goes by in a flash so make sure you have made the most of the opportunities you will be given. It is a once in a life experience. Don't let is slip away and sit back waiting for things to come to you, make things happen, put alot into TY and it won't be hard to see the benefits that will follow. I would advise making a list or a mental note of what you want to achieve during TY and by the end of your year make sure that that list is fulfilled. If you do this than I can assure you that your best memories of school will be the one's you make in TY! "

Brilliant post Aoife. I hope all 80+ new TY's read it!

Thanks for a really good insight into the life of a TY student.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your TY year...it will soon be over I'm afraid :(

Read more of Aoife's blog here.

Mrs L :)

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