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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cutting Radishes.. and fingers! :/

Niamh is dangerous....read on.....

"On Monday, we did an exciting Science experiment. We were testing the reaction of the enzyme in radishes at different temperatures. We had to use safety goggles and plastic gloves, as usual. The reaction of the radishes with hydrochloric acid, washing up liquid and buffer created
foam. The higher the temperature, the more foam created and the faster it rises up the graduated cylinder.
To begin with, we had to chop up the radishes into small pieces. Chloe had that job. I had to get the liquids for making the reaction.

When I had all of the liquids measured out and ready to pour, I was just waiting for Chloe to finish chopping the radish. For some very strange, completely unexplainable reason, I decided to just grab the pieces she had already chopped while the scalpel was still chopping the rest of it.
What happened next?! My finger went straight under the scalpel.. the rest is history! Nah, I'm just messing! MY finger is still intact with a small cut on it.. nothing to panic about!
Note to self: DO NOT put your finger under a scalpel again!

Niamh! :D "

Lesson learnt Niamh? Glad you are still all intact!

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Mrs L :)

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