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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Teenage Beauty....At what cost??

Rachel tells us something about her Young Scientist project.......

"As part of our TY Science curriculum we have to enter the BT Young Scientist Competition. We were all split into groups at the beginning of the year and given some time to decide what we wanted to do for our project. I was teamed with Hayley and so far things are going great, although we have all been warned that most groups disagree at some point!!!

We have decided to base our project on how the beauty products we use today affect our bodies both now and in the long run. We have made a survey asking students of all ages about their beauty regime, what products they use etc.

We are also going to create our own moisturiser or other beauty product that people can use as an alternative to the retailed product. This product will be 100% organic and will be made in accordance to the answers we get from the surveys.

I'm really looking forward to working on this project and can't wait until we start to experiment and make our own product. I'll keep you updated as we progress with our project. Fingers crossed we might actually get through to the competition!

xoxo Rachel "

That sounds very interesting Rachel. Good luck with the research.
Mrs L

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