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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Geography world trip

Michelle posted an update on her Geography project this week....

"At the start of the year, we were assigned a Geography project. I had to pick two countries from the first world to present my project on. I chose Spain!! As I researched this country I found out that there was more to it then the gorgeous weather and golden beaches. I found out that in Castrillo de Murcia they hold a Baby Jumping Festival!! That's right, and it is a real festival!!!

Every year newborn babies are dressed in swaddling clothes and put on a mattress while grown men dressed in a devils outfit jumps over them. The idea is a scary one for all the babies parents concerned but many people flock to the event to watch this exhilarating event. The idea of the festival is that when the men (dressed as devils) jump over the babies they rid them of any wrong doings that they may do in their future life! Heres a picture ->"


Fasinating stuff Michelle!
Mrs L

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