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Friday, October 8, 2010

Some thoughts on the Millennium Development Goals

As we stand idly by
How can we watch them cry
while their water goes dry
and ours flows by.

Do we care why
HIV AIDS and other diseases
we're warm at home while the other half freezes.

by: Ciara Laura Grace Aoife

How can we give the little girl
the cold shoulder
when aids and hunger have taken
away those who should hold her.

Why do we ignore those sick
and dying
when we have the equipment
to keep them living.

By: Aoife b Rachel Rachel l Elaine Jessica

If we stand idly by
and watch as those kids die
One chance, one goal to make it right
so much to do, so little time.

We must use our time well
to help them build a wishing well
to lead them in the right direction
to help them find their way.

By: Katie Fiona Laura Zoe

How can we complain, when it's all our fault
How can they be blamed, when they have done no wrong.
It's us who cut the trees, who burnt the coal,
It was not them who decided to leave a big hole

How can we take no action
It will not give us any satisfaction
to stand and watch
as humanity hurts.

By: Sarah Niamh Rosette Sandra

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