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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Les Projets Francais!

Ailbhe was blogging over the weekend about her favourite subject, French....

"French is one of my favourite subjects and I love doing the projects in French. Our first project was to do with French artists and I was paired up with Hayley who wanted to do the artist Edgar Degas and was she right to pick him or what because his paintings are so amazing and just so pretty!! I love impressionists and Degas is an impressionist. I loved doing this project because it was truly interesting to learn about the life of Edgar Degas. We had to do it as a PowerPoint presentation in front of our class and it was definitely nerve wrecking because we had to have the accent and all the information right! We presented the PowerPoint to the class and it went extremely well. I was very happy with it so in the end it all turned out for the better. Now we are waiting for the result so hopefully it will be good!

So after we finished this project we were immediately told about another PowerPoint presentation that we have to do and this project is all about French designers and guess who I got.........Coco Chanel .....practically one of the best and most influential designers. I was so so so happy when I found out that I was doing Coco Chanel! She is such an amazing designer and I absolutely love her fashion as do most people. We are in the middle of doing this project and it is turning out brilliantly so hopefully the class will enjoy the presentation as much as I enjoy doing it. I will keep you posted on how it goes....."

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