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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Colour Me Beautiful

Eimear from class Amina writes about her Colour Me Beautiful workshop this week………

“Yesterday, we had a workshop with two women from Colour Me Beautiful. It was really good. We were divided into groups depending on our hair, eye and skin colouring. There was a model from each category selected to go to the top of the room where the women put collars of different colours on them. It was really obvious that some colours are not meant for certain skin tones.
I was told I am a "soft". I would never have thought of wearing some of the colours they suggested, and it was good to find out what didn't suit me. I won't be throwing out my whole wardrobe or anything, but it's good to know for when I'm buying new clothes :D”

And Laura K of Emnet says of her workshop……
“The two TY classes were introduced to two ladies from a programme called Colour Me Beautiful. (They reminded me of Trinny and Susanna).
At the start they told us what skin type we were, deep, clear, soft, light and more. Each of these groups were shown what colours were suited to them, I found this very useful :)

Emma from my group (soft) went up and the colours that suited her were very obvious, they made her skin light up and the colours that didn’t just looked weird.

We also did a style personality survey, to show us how we shop and what we like to buy, I got a mixed result which wasn't very good :S haha, Finally they went through body shapes such as pear (bigger on bottom), and hour glass (equal on top and bottom but curvy). They told us what type clothes would suit these figures too :)
Overall I found this really good.”

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