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Friday, October 15, 2010

Aisling (class Emnet) posted this for Blog Action Day. It's called Water!!!

Water, omg what would we do without it?? It’s a well-known fact that without water, you'll die in three days. Water keeps us alive, but it can also be the death of us. Only 2.5% of water is fresh, the rest is saltwater, and in 60% of European cities with over 100,000 people living there, the water is being used up far quicker than it can be replenished.
Every single person needs between 20 and 50 litres of water a day to ensure their basic needs are being met, but all around the world people are being denied that. One in six people worldwide don’t have access to fresh water.
Please, please, please, help to conserve water and next time you flush the toilet, have a shower or turn on the tap, think of all those people who cannot do this!!
*for more water statistics click here

Well done Aisling, very thought provoking. See Aisling's TY blog here.
Mrs L

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