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Monday, October 11, 2010

Drama workshops...provided by our own students!

Aoife tells us about the recent drama workshop that Ms Guilfoyle and 5 of our own TY's did with class Emnet in their English drama class.....

On Thursday the 7th of November class Emnet had a workshop with the 5 students who went to a Drama workshop on the Tuesday at Holy Faith Convent, Glasnevin. (while they were gone.. We were getting the Cervical Vaccination done =[ ).

It was really funny with the different excerises. We did a trust excerise, eg everyone in a circle and really close together with our right shoulder facing into the centre, then we all leaned back into a sitting position and we all leaned on each other. This gave us trust, if one fell down the rest followed :P..

All this was to help us with the drama we are doing in English. Our class is creating a drama (which we are going to enter into a competition :D ). One group is doing a drama about a car crash while the other group is doing one based on an abuse victim.

We are having people in from Accord next week to help us with relationships and we hope that after the mid-term the Headspace drama group will come into us to help us with our drama :)..
Well I'm off..
Tyl :D

See some photos of  the workshop from 'the other Aoife's' blog here :)

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