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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Student Blog Challenge

Well done to Siobhan and Aisling B for entering the Student blog challenge. I'm delighted. I see their blogs have been visited by a teacher from New Zealand already. Good luck girls.

Anyone else want to join them??? Find out more info here.

Register your blog here.

What will the challenges involve?

Below is a list of what students had the chance to do in ten weeks in a previous challenge:

Write blog posts:

* why did you join the challenge
* write a post for BAD on climate change
* favourite interests
* favourite holidays or countries to visit
* storytelling using images
* how to write a post that invites comments
* favourite blogs you visit
* Edublogger competition post
* what did you learn from other bloggers
* about a positive digital footprint
* a challenge post for the international student blog


* count three out activity
* own commenting guidelines
* comparing comments
* replying to comments
* commenting habits after eight weeks of the challenge
* visit posts from overseas students and classes to leave comments
* visit Lonely Planet blog to leave comments on a post

Non written posts:

* comic
* quiz
* poll
* images only
* using embed code for links in comments and widgets

Blog presentation:

* create avatar
* about page
* translation widget
* weather widget
* create blogroll
* add badges
* clustrmap
* using tags and categories