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Monday, February 7, 2011

2x + 3x = ?!?!

Niamh P's been blogging........

"On Friday for our maths class we went to the hall with Ms K's maths class to have a fun maths quiz. The quiz was all about algebra and all the different forms using algebra. We did the quiz like you'd play Bingo.
We were spilt into groups of five or six girls. Ms K handed each group two cards full of answers to the questions she would ask us and a handful of counters. She began to read out each question. We then had to work out what the answer was and....
if it was on our card we marked it off with a counter.
In the end, the group who had the most counters on their card were the winners. They got to choose a bar from a selection of deliciously looking chocolate.
Chocolate always seems nicer when somebody else is eating it RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE! :L
It wasn't the chocolate that mattered though, it was the fact that we made a maths class into a good bit of craic, while still doing maths! :D"
Read more on Niamh's huh-larious blog here.

Sounds great fun and novel way to learn Maths Niamh!
Mrs L :)

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