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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

History projects

Some of the girls have been blogging about their History projects.

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In History we have an end-of-year project to do starting now and the best thing about it is that it can be on anything we want :) I have picked the "Kent State University Killings of 1970". The reason I chose it is because when I read a bit about it, I wanted to learn more. For the project we have to write an essay on it and it will be our summer result. I ordered a book off amazon.co.uk about the Kent shootings and it has finally arrived :) I have started to read it and it's really interesting. Its called "13 seconds" because the guardsmen opened fire to a group of protestors in Kent University for 13 seconds. They killed 4 students and to this day, no one has been convicted. The book comes with a DVD documentry which I have already watched and it was really helpful. Hopefully the book gives me more information :)

Lauren M
This term we were given our History project which is part of our Summer Test. We can do our project on any topic, so I'm thinking about doing my project on the rise and fall of Hitler. Which means I have to write/type a five page essay on his life.

Jess Mc Hugh
So, in ty we have had to do many projects. This term we have been given our history project which will be our summer test result. For this we have to research any topic. You can do it on whatever you want, and write a 5 page essay or so on it. Because it is so broad and you can choose anything, I was a bit undecisive about what to do. I think have finally chosen to do it on Edwin Hubble. He was an american astronomer who is the founder of modern day astronomy. I have an interest in this field, so it should be an interesting topic to do :)

Niamh C
I decided to do my local history project on Mountbellew in Co.Galway because my Dads side of the family are originally from there. Apparently they were originally linen weavers and then in the 19th century they became large stock farmers. They owned a huge estate and Lakeview house until it was bought by the land commission in 1914. It's pretty interesting so far (:

...and a few days later Niamh says.....

Finally finished my local history project and feeling purty proud of myself :) I (stupidly) did it on Moylough in Co.Galway which turned out to be the most boring place on earth. There was nothing about it online so I had to get all my info from this book my neighbour lent me, which meant no copy and pasting for me :'( Anyhu its all over and done with and I dont have to stress about history until January!

For our end of the year history project we have to choose a topic of our choice and do a 5/6 page essay on it. We can do it on anything at all so I researched a few things that I am interested in.
I decided to do it on Eva Braun- the life of Hitlers life.
I'm finding it really interesting and learning loads about herself and Hitler.
I found out that they were only actually married for ONE day! They married one day and took poisin the next.
It looks like she was really unhappy but she never left Hitler even though he said they could never have kids because they just wouldn't be able to be as great as their dad... Vain much :/

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