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Monday, February 21, 2011

Hello to Mrs Gentrup

I'm delighted to see that the 7 girls who have decided to take the Student Blogging Challenge supported by EduBlogs, have been interacting with their guest teacher for the challenge, Mrs Beth Gentrup.

Mrs Gentrup works in Nebraska, USA and is a teacher of gifted students. She has asked lots of questions about TY and I hope she enjoys reading all you get up to!

Mrs L :)


  1. Hello Mrs Gentrup. It is great to read that you will be part of the Student Blogging Challenge. Your students will love being part of this and you will too. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog post re the webinar with Sue Wyatt tomorrow night on the subject of the Blogging Challenge. That session will be recorded and I shall put the link back onto another blog post. So you can listen to it in your own time and you might even be able to share it with your students. All the best with the challenge.

  2. Anne, I think you might be a little bit confused here.....Mrs Gentrup is the guest teacher for my students blogging challenge. I am their irish teacher and was just welcoming Mrs Gentrup to our blogs. A big irish welcome to you too :)
    Mrs Leahy

  3. Hi from Nebraska. Thanks for the the post :) I have learned about your TY year and it still fascinates me. I had this thought that everyone had the standard graded and progressed through them like we do in the United States. I shared your TY year with my students and they would all like to come and have a TY year in Ireland. I have sent some of the studentsd your way so they can blog together. Thanks again!