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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Towards 2015 - a book about the Millennium Development Goal No 2

2015 is the year set by the United Nations to achieve the targets set for the Millenium Development Goals in the year 2000. The 8 Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) are broken down into 21 quantifiable targets. The problem is that the world is still a long way from meeting these important targets and we only have 5 years left.
TY and fifth year students, with help from the charity Self Help Africa, particularly Mr Patsy Toland from Self Help, and Mrs Leahy and Mrs Kavanagh Bracken, are doing what they can do make sure that the committments made in the MDGs are not forgotten. They are taking the lead in compiling and publishing the second edition of “Twenty Fifteen”, based on MDG No 2 – Universal Primary Education.

“Twenty Fifteen” is a compilation of essays, poems and articles that express peoples’ views on the important targets set by the MDGs. Some of the contributions will be by famous authors and celebrities, but others will be made by people like you.

This project offers students and their families the opportunity to make a small but significant contribution to a global and historic project. If you would like to submit a reflection, poem, or story (max 500 words) or a photo, on Primary Education, send it to the school or email the students at towards2015@gmail.com

Further information on the MDG's can be found at the Self Help Africa site http://www.selfhelp.ie/

Here's a post from Louise.....

Tuesday 26th Jan 2010

Hi there,
Work for the Towards 2015 book for Universal Primary Education is truly underway. For the book, we are each going to interview our grandparents about their primary school days.

I'm really looking forward to talking to my granny about her school life in rural Ireland and I can't wait to hear some stories about her primary school education. It will also be exciting to hear the other girl’s interviews as well.

At today’s meeting, we all were assigned famous people to contact, asking for them to contribute stories from their childhood education or to speak about the importance of primary school education for all.

The entire experience with the preparation for the book has been really enjoyable and I know its only going to get better.
Louise Geagan Murray

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  1. Here's something from Ellie about the book too.....

    TY Girls Contribute to the Towards 2015 Book project at today’s meeting!

    Today the members of the book committee met after school to go through what has been done, and to decide and what to do next. The number of TY girls involved is really great.
    This book is to do with the Millennium Development goals and the second goal in particular- worldwide primary education. Lots of the TY girls are using this book project to contribute to the community involvement section of their Gaisce work and we are all really enjoying contributing and getting involved. We will be having another meeting next Tuesday and we will keep you posted via the TY blog, and of course our newly set up Towards 2015 blog too! :)

    Ellie =]