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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Drama class

In English class, Desta are doing plays. At the beginning of the year, we split up into two different groups to do separate plays. Ms Guilfoyle then told us about a drama competition, and we were all keen to take part. The time went in a flash and before we knew it, the play was a week away!

We spent all of the time before Christmas holidays, coming and going to class having to learn our lines and act out the play. We had too pick out different music to go with different scenes in the play, which was really fun, dancing around the classroom to different songs!

It wasn't always going according to plans though. We had disagreements about the different lines and roles, and then the play overall. However, Ms Guilfoyle put the arguments to rest, and we got back to work!

Well, tonight is the day before the competition, and I am so nervous, as are all of the girls. Everyone is worrying about same things - what if someone doesn't turn up? or what if someone forgets their lines? Its all the little things as well, but as soon as we're up on stage in front of everyone, we'll just forget about the worries and get on with it....just make sure not to make eye contact with the audience :L Once we're all up there anyway, there isn't any going back! We're going to have to put our all into it and make the most out of it!

I'd just like to say good look to all of the girls in the plays tomorrow, hope all goes well! And thanks to Ms Guilfoyle for doing the plays with us!

Ali Bell (:

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