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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Team Bladhm

Team Bladhm is our TY technology group consisting of six members,

Aisling Lee, Team Manager
Caroline Kelly, Resource Manager
Alex O'Neill, Design Engineer
Nicolle McDonagh, Media Manager
Sinead McCabe, Graphics Designer
Emily Murphy, Manufacturing Manager

We recently got into the regional finals of F1 in Schools technology competition.

Our team’s name is Bladhm. Bladhm is the irish word for flame. We chose this name because it's an original name with an irish twist. We chose Bladhm because we felt it was the best name by far and all the team agreed on it.

Our team, Bladhm, has decided to design and make a type R formula one race car, and designing has already started, although manufacturing is some time away.

We hope to get some local sponsors, to help with the costs. We're looking for around €200 to cover the design costs, aswell as the team outfits.

Thats our update so far :)

Team Bladhm

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