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Friday, November 18, 2011

Work Experience Week 1

This week, TYs completed their first week of Work Experience. It gave them a chance to gain an insight into the world of work and maybe even opened their eyes to a possible future career.

The Work Experience placements varied hugely - from schools to bakeries to hospitals. Laragh and Alex (along with a lot of other TYs) returned to primary school for their Work Experience. Sarah went to a local courthouse, Aoife went to a very busy hospital and Laura went to Stewarts Hospital which is a centre for those with intellectual disabilities. CaitrĂ­ona managed to get her placement at the restaurant of renowned chef, Neven Maguire. It was the TY's personal responsibility to get their own placement so well done to everyone.

Work Experience taught the TYs to be independent and use their initiative. They have learned a lot from it about themselves and what careers they are interested in.
Everyone is looking forward to their next Work Experience which will commence at the end of February.

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