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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Going global with our greetings

We will be taking part in a Christmas greetings exchange project with some other schools around the world. The project is one of the Connected Classrooms projects  #ccGlobal projects. (http://ccglobal.ning.com/)

The intention of the project is to:

1) Create a quick artifact (video, animation etc) sharing Christmas greetings from our part of the world.
2) Create a QR code to link to the greeting.
3) Attach the QR code to a postcard and mail the card to the partner schools.
4) When cards arrive at St Wolstans we display and share them.

An online Advent calendar is being created with an image of a Christmas Tree that will have all the QR codes as decorations on the tree so that folk can pick wishes to view from the complete collection of wishes.

Mrs L is sooo excited by this project, I hope TY will get into the christmas mood too :)

We need to get working this week on our greetings in order to get cards to Australia before December 9th, which is when some students get their summer holidays.

This is an example of a QR code and if you scan it with your web camera, Smart phone or iPhone, it will take you to our Christmas Greeting page.

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  1. These greetings are going great aren't they! I wonder what the other schools will think about our videos. It really gets you in the mood for Christmas doesn't it? :)