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Friday, April 1, 2011

A truly musical night - Hayley tells all

Last night the Music Department held their annual Music Night. All TY's took part singing the song 'Mamma Said' by Dionne Bromfield.

We had lots of choreography and harmony parts too and had lots of practise time before hand. Everyone seemed to
enjoy it and I know we had great fun preforming. I am also a member of the school choir and we also preformed last night. We sang the song which we sang for the Wesley Inter school Music Competition 'To a Wild Rose'.

We were the first act to preform. I also was asked to dance with four other girls in the year. At first we were not sure if we would have the time to create and perfect and dance in less than a week but when we came together and got down to it, it all came together very quickly. We danced while a girl sang 'Memories' from Cats and another girl accompanied her. They were both extremely talented.

It was a very busy night with the costume changes but it was great fun preforming. All the acts were extremely talented and I extremely admire the soloists for having the courage to get up on their own and sing or play and instruments. Thanks to Ms Gilsenan, Ms O Reilly and Ms Ward for all their help! Hope it was a good night for everyone else!
Hayley xox

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