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Monday, April 4, 2011

Ellen and the babies.

Ellen really enjoyed her work experience....

"For my second week of work experience I went to The Purple Penguin Creche and Montassori in Oldtown Mill. I really enjoyed the week and didn't want to leave when it was over! The Creche is divided into different rooms and the children are put into
each room depending on their age. There are two baby rooms for babies under two, the wobbler room is for chldren between two and three, the toddler room is for three year olds and the Montessori is for children aged four and up.
There is also an after school room to look after children up to ten years old. Both of the baby rooms have sleeping rooms next door where the babies sleep during the day, and there is also a kitchen where the cook Peggy cooks meals for the children. At the back of the Creche there is a huge playground. The creche is really well organised and the parents of the children are given sheets at the end of everyday describing what the child ate, how long he slept for, when their nappy was changed and and other things that happened during the day.

Each day I was in a different room, on Monday I was in the baby room and the wobbler room, on Tuesday I spent the day with the toddlers, on Wednesday I went back to the wobbler room, on Thursday I was with the babies again and on Friday I was with the wobblers and the toddlers. I didn't get a chance to go to the Montessori because there was three girls on college work experience up there. I learned a lot while on work experience, like that working with so many young children is really really hard and how to properly look after children. I really really enjoyed this week but I don't think that I would like to work in a creche as big as the Purple Penguin. Its extremely stressfull with all the little kids! "

Sounds great Ellen.

Read more of Ellen's blog here

Mrs L :)

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